Event Marketing

The CAJUNDOME & Convention Center provides marketing assets and tools for publicly ticketed events.

Our Marketing Department is dedicated to helping our events thrive with excellent marketing support on many levels. The CAJUNDOME & Convention Center is a Ticketmaster facility which also provides the very best marketing tools in the live entertainment industry.

Marketing Assets Include: 

  • Onsite Digital Displays
  • Email blast with our CAJUNDOME Insider and Ticketmaster databases
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Communication among local TV/Radio Stations
  • Recommend supporting creative ideas and strategies to promote the events
  • Various Ticketmaster Marketing tools

Download the CAJUNDOME & Convention Center Marketing ToolKit


Brand Standards

The CAJUNDOME & Convention Center brand should be used thoughtfully and consistently. When using the CAJUNDOME & Convention Center logo, CAJUNDOME should always be in all capital letters and is one word.

Standard CAJUNDOME Convention Center Logo



Logo Gray-Scale

This logo is designed using a gray-scale color scheme.

Logo Two Color

This logo is designed with two colors, red and black, for a white background. 

Logo for Dark Background Option 1

This logo is designed for a dark background, featuring a red bar and no outline. 

Logo for Dark Background Option 2

This logo is designed for a dark background, featuring a red bar and full white outline. 

Logo for Dark Background Option 3

This logo is designed for a dark background, featuring a black bar and full white outline. 


This CAJUNDOME logo is to be used strictly for events that are only held in the arena. The logo is to be only used in full black or full white.

Primary Color Palette

The primary colors are key indicators of the CAJUNDOME brand design. Black is most often used for typography while red and white act as supporting colors that can be used for backgrounds and design elements. Below you can find our exact primary colors:

  • Vermilion Red
  • Black
  • White

Primary Fonts

The CAJUNDOME brand design also includes specific fonts that are to be used.

  • Termina
  • Montserrat
  • Maven Pro

Examples of uses: Business cards, letter-heads, envelopes, print event invitations, online order cards, etc.

Additional Information

For additional information or to request permission for logo use, contact Casey White, Marketing Director at 337-265-2355.